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American Journal of Animal and Veterinary Sciences, a quarterly, peer reviewed publication and is dedicated for publication of research articles in the field of biology of animals and with the scientific understanding of how animals work: from the physiology and biochemistry of tissues and major organ systems down to the structure and function of bio molecules and cells; particular emphasis would given to the studies of growth, reproduction, nutrition and lactation of farm and companion animals and how these processes may be optimized to improve animal re- productivity, health and welfare. Articles in support areas, such as genetics, soils, agricultural economics and marketing, legal aspects and the environment also are encouraged. AJAVS is an important source of researcher to study articles on protection of animal production practices, herd health and monitoring the spread of disease and prevention in both domestic and wild animals.

Current Issue

Normative Data Obtained in Testing the Sense of Hearing in Kangal Shepherd Dogs

Pages : 170-175

DOI : 10.3844/ajavsp.2019.170.175

Published On : August 22, 2019

Digestibility of Energy and Crude Protein in Korean Rice Wine Residues Fed to Pigs

Pages : 183-189

DOI : 10.3844/ajavsp.2019.183.189

Published On : September 2, 2019

Bawean Island Citizens' Perception and Attitude toward the Existence of Bawean Deer (Axis kuhlii) and Its Habitat

Miarsono Sigit
Published On : November 27, 2019

An In Vitro Approach to Assess Nutrient Utilization of Brewers Dried Grains and Effects of Supplemental β-Glucanase on Swine Feed Ingredients

Bessem Mariette Akonjuen, Hyunjun Choi and Beob Gyun Kim
Published On : November 8, 2019

Modeling of Some Dairy Performance Indices on Milk Somatic Cell Count in Holstein Dairy Cows

Ahmed Dawod, Sherif Shawky, Tamer M. Abdel-Hamid, Mohamed Fathalla, Ibrahim Abu-Alya and Said Fathalla
Published On : October 27, 2019

Effect of Heat Stress on the Expression of HSP70, UCP3 and CYP450 Genes in Liver; Longissimus Dorsi and Semitendinosus Muscle of Growing Pigs

V. Montesinos-Cruz, M. Cota, L. Buenabad, M. Cervantes and A. Morales
Published On : October 24, 2019

Phenotypic Characterisation of South African Unimproved Indigenous and Tankwa Goats

Fhulufhelo Vincent Ramukhithi, Khoboso Christina Lehloenya, Antoinette Kotze, Khathutshelo Agree Nephawe, Tlou Caswell Chokoe, Mokagadi Magdelin Seshoka, Thinus Jonker and Tshimangadzo Lucky Nedambale
Published On : October 23, 2019

Potential, Implications and Solutions Regarding the Use of Rendered Animal Fats in Aquafeeds

Jesse T. Trushenski and Rebecca T. Lochmann
Volume : 4, Issue : 4 Pages : 108-128
Cites : 23


Nandani Kumari and Saroj Kumar Thakur
Volume : 9, Issue : 1 Pages : 6-13
Cites : 20

Genetic Diversity Analysis of the Gohilwari Breed of Indian Goat (Capra hircus) Using Microsatellite Markers

S. Kumar, S. P. Dixit, N. K. Verma, D. K. Singh, A. Pande, S. Kumar, R. Chander and L. B. Singh
Volume : 4, Issue : 3 Pages : 49-57
Cites : 16

Tramadol Vs Tapentadol: Anew Horizon in Pain Treatment?

Mario Giorgi
Volume : 7, Issue : 1 Pages : 7-11
Cites : 16

The Prevalence of Linguatula serrata Nymphs in Mesenteric Lymph Nodes in Cattle

Saeid R. Nourollahi Fard, Reza Kheirandish, Ehsan Norouzi Asl and Saeid Fathi
Volume : 5, Issue : 2 Pages : 155-158
Cites : 14

Nephrocalcinosis in Female Rats Fed Diets Containing Either Pectin, Galacturonic Acid or Glucose

H.E. Mohamed, A. Alhaidary and A.C. Beynen
Volume : 5, Issue : 2 Pages : 117-120
Downloads : 14408

Proton Pump Inhibitors in Veterinary Medicine

Oguzhan Yavuz and Handan Hilal Arslan
Volume : 12, Issue : 3 Pages : 132-138
Downloads : 9523

A Brief Overview of the Coxib Drugs in the Veterinary Field

Tae-Won Kim and Mario Giorgi
Volume : 8, Issue : 2 Pages : 89-97
Downloads : 9248


Nandani Kumari and Saroj Kumar Thakur
Volume : 9, Issue : 1 Pages : 6-13
Downloads : 8605

Degradability Characteristics of Treated and Untreated Barley Grain Using In situ Technique

Akbar Taghizadeh and Nemati Zabihollah
Volume : 3, Issue : 2 Pages : 53-56
Downloads : 8029

Adding Medicinal Herbs Including Garlic (Allium sativum) and Thyme (Thymus vulgaris) to Diet of Laying Hens and Evaluating Productive Performance and Egg Quality Characteristics

R. Ghasemi, M. Zarei and M. Torki
Volume : 5, Issue : 2 Pages : 151-154
Views : 3649

Tramadol Vs Tapentadol: Anew Horizon in Pain Treatment?

Mario Giorgi
Volume : 7, Issue : 1 Pages : 7-11
Views : 3032

Effect of Equilibration Temperature on In vitro Viability and Subsequent Embryo Development of Vitrified-Warmed Immature Bovine Oocytes

Hajarian Hadi, H. Wahid, O. Abas Mazni, Y. Rosnina, M. Daliri, M. Dashtizad, A. Faizah, K. C. Yap, F. J. Fahrul and A. Fazly
Volume : 5, Issue : 2 Pages : 71-75
Views : 2602

Oral Administration of Gelatin Hydrolysate Reduces Clinical Signs of Canine Osteoarthritis in a Double-Blind, Placebo-Controlled Trial

A. C. Beynen, H. W. Van Geene, H. V. Grim, P. Jacobs and T. Van der Vlerk
Volume : 5, Issue : 2 Pages : 102-106
Views : 2513

Synergistic Effect of Insulin on in vitro Development of Immature Bovine Oocytes

Mojtaba Dashtizad, Abd Wahid Haron, Rosnina Yusoff, Morteza Daliri, Hadi Hajarian, Mehdi Najari, Yap Keng Chee and Abas Mazni Othman
Volume : 5, Issue : 4 Pages : 258-265
Views : 2177