Journal of Computer Science

Computer Vision and Data Science for Engineering Applications


Machine learning (ML) and Deep Learning (DP) are having significant impact in the research area. As the need for real time automatic learning increases, the methods are being finetuned and the research is growing vastly. The applications range from Finance to Webpage, Networking to Biological Analysis and Marketing to IoT. Self learning and automating the processes are the strength of the ML and DP. The analytical learning model offer constant learning by adaptive techniques for the given data. The objective of ML and DP is to generate reliable information that can be executed with less human intervention.

The generalization concept of ML includes successful real time applications such as sales data analysis, prediction of customer behaviour, Spam identification, credit card fraud detection, optimizing robot navigation, extraction of information from biomedical samples, Image, video, signal processing and the list goes on long which includes almost all domains.

The main scope of this special issue is data reasoning and inference, ML and DP techniques to employ self learning and automate engineering applications. In turn this special issue focus to encourage discussion and analysis of research and learning activities in the models and design of engineering applications such as Image processing, Sensor based learning, Biomedical analysis, electrical, mechanical and civil. We specially promote innovative and enhanced ML & DP techniques to tackle the real time applications which are complex in both data & process.

Guest Editors

Dr. B. SanthiAssociate Dean, SASTRA Deemed University, India
Dr. G. R. BrindhaAssociate Professor, SASTRA Deemed University, India

Important Dates

Manuscript Submission DeadlineJuly 15, 2019
First Review Round Complete ByAugust 25, 2019
Possible Publication DateSeptember 15, 2019