American Journal of Biochemistry and Biotechnology


Bioseparation is the set of sequential unit operations which results in the recovery and purification of biological products. Recently, biotechnology faces challenges in bioseparation and needs novel bioengineering methods and approaches to address the unattended challenges of bioproducts recovery and purification.

Research Article

Potential Applications of Chitosan Nanoparticles as Novel Support in Enzyme Immobilization

Hoda Jafarizadeh Malmiri, Mohammad Ali Ghaz Jahanian and Aydin Berenjian

Pages : 203-219

DOI : 10.3844/ajbbsp.2012.203.219

Published On : December 25, 2012

Volatile Organic Compounds Removal Methods: A Review

Aydin Berenjian, Natalie Chan and Hoda Jafarizadeh Malmiri

Pages : 220-229

DOI : 10.3844/ajbbsp.2012.220.229

Published On : December 25, 2012

Emerging Trends in Designing Short and Efficient Protein Purification Protocols

Saurabh Gautam, Joyeeta Mukherjee, Ipsita Roy and Munishwar Nath Gupta

Pages : 230-254

DOI : 10.3844/ajbbsp.2012.230.254

Published On : December 25, 2012

Comparison of Radial and Axial Flow Chromatography for Monoclonal Antibody Downstream Processing at Bench and Pilot Scales

Ali Demirci, Frank Leu and F. James Bailey

Pages : 255-262

DOI : 10.3844/ajbbsp.2012.255.262

Published On : December 25, 2012

Integrated Supercritical Fluid Extraction and Bioprocessing

Owen Catchpole, Stephen Tallon, Peter Dyer, Fernando Montanes, Teresa Moreno, Erika Vagi, Wayne Eltringham and Jagan Billakanti

Pages : 263-287

DOI : 10.3844/ajbbsp.2012.263.287

Published On : December 25, 2012

Biotransformation Using Recombinant Cmp Sialic Acid Synthetase and α-2, 6-Sialyltran Sferase: Enzymatic Synthesis of Sialosides

Ulrike Hubl, Cynthia Sun, Shuguang Zhang, Derek Watt, Sam Kim, Jason Ryan and Keryn Johnson

Pages : 288-303

DOI : 10.3844/ajbbsp.2012.288.303

Published On : December 25, 2012

Acetone Removal and Bioelectricity Generation in Dual Chamber Microbial Fuel Cell

Mostafa Rahimnejad, Mostafa Ghasemi, Ghasem Najafpour, Ali Ghoreyshi, Gholamreza Bakeri, Seyed Karim Hassani Nejad and Farid Talebnia

Pages : 304-310

DOI : 10.3844/ajbbsp.2012.304.310

Published On : December 25, 2012

Polysulfone Composed of Polyaniline Nanoparticles as Nanocomposite Proton Exchange Membrane in Microbial Fuel Cell

Mostafa Ghasemi, Mostafa Rahimnejad, Chakavak Esmaeili, Wan Ramli Wan Daud, Mohd Shahbudin Masdar, Edy Herianto Majlan, Sedky H.A. Hassan, Javed Alam, Manal Ismail and Mansour Saleh Alhoshan

Pages : 311-319

DOI : 10.3844/ajbbsp.2012.311.319

Published On : December 25, 2012

Mass Transfer Limitation in Different Anode Electrode Surface Areas on the Performance of Dual Chamber Microbial Fuel Cell

Majid Sadeqzadeh, Mostafa Ghasemi, Ali Ghannadzadeh, Babak Salamatinia, Tahereh Jafary, Wan Ramli Wan Daud and Sedky Hassan Aly Hassan

Pages : 320-325

DOI : 10.3844/ajbbsp.2012.320.325

Published On : December 25, 2012