American Journal of Animal and Veterinary Sciences

Research Article

Efficacy of Curcumin as an Immunostimulatory Dietary Supplement for Channel Catfish

Saly Hafiz, Kunwar K. Srivastava, Joseph C. Newton, Hamed Samaha, Ahmed Hassan and Gopal Reddy

Pages : 1-7

DOI : 10.3844/ajavsp.2017.1.7

Published On : January 11, 2017

Ameliorative Impacts of Tribulus terrestris Against Ivermectin-Induced Hepato-Renal Toxicity in Rabbit: Pharmacological and Histopathological Study

Sally I. Ismaiel, Sameh M. Farouk, Raafat A. El-Ramady and Waleed F. Khalil

Pages : 8-16

DOI : 10.3844/ajavsp.2017.8.16

Published On : January 12, 2017

Increase in Crude Protein Content of Milk Replacers with Vegetable Protein: Effect on Health and Dairy Calves' Performance

Evangelina Miqueo, Thais Manzoni Torrezan, Nathalia Britto Rocha, Marilia Ribeiro De Paula, Fernanda Lavínia Moura Silva, Paulo Henrique Mazza Rodrigues and Carla Maris Machado Bittar

Pages : 17-25

DOI : 10.3844/ajavsp.2017.17.25

Published On : February 6, 2017

Pro-Inflammatory Cytokine (IL-1β and IL-6) Response in Goats Challenged with Corynebacterium pseudotuberculosis and its Immunogen Mycolic Acids

Faez Firdaus Jesse Abdullah, Odhah Mohd Naji, Mohd Azmi Mohd Lila, Mohd Zamri Saad, Abd Wahid Haron, Idris Umar Hambali and Zaid Khudher Mahmood

Pages : 26-31

DOI : 10.3844/ajavsp.2017.26.31

Published On : February 16, 2017

Metabolic Features of Heart Failure with Different Etiology

Oleynikov Dmitrij Arkadievich

Pages : 32-44

DOI : 10.3844/ajavsp.2017.32.44

Published On : March 9, 2017

Determination of Breeding Seasonality in Rusa Deer (Rusa timorensis) Stags via Serum Testosterone Profiling

Wan Nor Fitri Wan Jaafar, Abd Wahid Haron, Rosnina Hj Yusoff, Faez Firdaus Jesse Abdullah, Siti Aimi Sarah Zainal Abidin, Mohd. Azmi Mohd Lila, Azlan Che' Amat, Muhammad Azrolharith Rashid and Mohamed Ariff Omar

Pages : 45-52

DOI : 10.3844/ajavsp.2017.45.52

Published On : March 19, 2017

Immunologic Aspect of Mice (Mus musculus) Dental Caries Induced by Streptococcus mutans

Sri Murwani

Pages : 53-57

DOI : 10.3844/ajavsp.2017.53.57

Published On : March 28, 2017