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Comparison of Chemical Characteristics of Various Commercial Animal Skin Crackers

Siti Susanti1, Antonius Hintono2, Sri Mulyani2, Fadia Aini Ardi2 and Fahmi Arifan3
  • 1 Department of Agriculture, Universitas Diponegoro, Indonesia
  • 2 Department of Agriculture, Diponegoro University, Indonesia
  • 3 Vocational School, Diponegoro University, Indonesia


This study aims to compare the data on chemical characteristics (protein content, fat, ash, moisture, Free Fatty Acid (FFA), Thiobarbituric Acid (TBA), and total energy) of commercial skin crackers made from various kinds of animal skin. Four categories of commercial animal skin crackers from the same producer were assigned as treatments, including cowhide crackers, buffalo askin crackers, fish skin crackers, and chicken skin crackers. The data showed that the type of animal skin as the raw material for crackers had a significant effect on the levels of protein, fat, ash, free fatty acid value, and total energy of the final product. However, the type of animal skin did not significantly affect of moisture content of the product. The highest protein content was shown in cowhide crackers and buffalo skin crackers, where cowhide crackers also showed the lowest fat content and free fatty acid value but high ash content (p<0.05). Descriptively, the thiobarbituric acid value of cowhide crackers is also low. Meanwhile, the highest total energy was owned by chicken skin crackers (p<0.05). Thus, among commercial animal skin crackers products, cowhide crackers have the best chemical characteristics because they contain higher protein and ash with a lower fat content, free fatty acid value, thiobarbituric acid value, and total energy so they can be recommended as a quality.

American Journal of Animal and Veterinary Sciences
Volume 17 No. 4, 2022, 314-321


Submitted On: 8 March 2022 Published On: 19 December 2022

How to Cite: Susanti, S., Hintono, A., Mulyani, S., Ardi, F. A. & Arifan, F. (2022). Comparison of Chemical Characteristics of Various Commercial Animal Skin Crackers. American Journal of Animal and Veterinary Sciences, 17(4), 314-321.

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