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Treatment of Chronic Fascioliasis in Cattle with Gelmicidum and Fascocidum

Rinat T. Safiullin1, Alexander M. Ustinov1, Radmir R. Safiullin1, Samat K. Shibitov1, Sergei V. Engashev2 and Ekaterin S. Engasheva2
  • 1 All-Russian Scientific Research Institute of Fundamental and Applied Parasitology of Animals and Pla, Russia
  • 2 Innovative Center “Agrovetzashchita, Russia


Scientific and field trials have shown a high intensity of Fasciola hepatica infection in cattle, the recommended dose of the complex preparation of Gelmicidum 7.5 g for every 100 kg of  body weight is once inwardly provided extensity of efficacy of 80%, intensity of efficacy of 83.8%. In this case, it was quite justified to increase the therapeutic dose of the drug by 13% and assign 8.5 g/100 kg of b/w, which provided a high extensity of efficacy (EE – 100%) and intensity of efficacy (IE - 100%). The results of the trials confirmed the previously obtained data on the efficacy EE – 96.7%, IE – 97.7% of the Gelmicidum preparation in the optimal dose of 8.5 g/100 kg of b/w which corresponds to a dose of 5.95 mg/kg of oxyclosanide and 17 mg/kg of albendazole according to the active substance. Fascocidum revealed  95.6% IE at the recommended dose of 10 mg/kg b/w at single oral administration with feed. The economic effect was 85.9 rubles per cow per day compared to the base variant in the first group (Gelmicidum) and 46.5 rubles in the second (Fascocidum) group. The total economic effect was 154.6 thousand rubles in the group of cows during the experience after treatment (3 months) compared with the base drug in the first group (Gelmicidum) and was 83.7 thousand rubles for the second group (Fascocidum).

American Journal of Animal and Veterinary Sciences
Volume 14 No. 2, 2019, 151-157


Submitted On: 8 April 2019 Published On: 24 June 2019

How to Cite: Safiullin, R. T., Ustinov, A. M., Safiullin, R. R., Shibitov, S. K., Engashev, S. V. & Engasheva, E. S. (2019). Treatment of Chronic Fascioliasis in Cattle with Gelmicidum and Fascocidum. American Journal of Animal and Veterinary Sciences, 14(2), 151-157.

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  • Cattle
  • Fascioliasis
  • Treatment
  • Anthelmintics
  • Anthelmintic and Economic Efficacy