American Journal of Animal and Veterinary Sciences

Preventive Effect of Marsileacrenata Leaves and Stalks Juices Against Urolithiasis Showed by Improving of Kidney Function

Sri Murwani

DOI : 10.3844/ajavsp.2016.47.54

American Journal of Animal and Veterinary Sciences

Volume 11, Issue 1

Pages 47-54


Nowadays urolithiasisis still as a major problem in pet animals, particularly for dogs and cats. Urolithiasisis caused by formation of crystals in the urinary tract that inhibit the process of urination. It is frequently as an impact of dry food given regularly, keeping animals in a place so that the movement of the animal becomes restricted, lack of water intake, or by microbial infection. Marsileacrenata contains potassium, flavonoid, alkaloid and polyphenol. All these compounds can act as diuretic, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory, which may favourably prevent urolithiasis. Accordingly in this study, oral administration of the M. crenata leaves extract and stalks juice to rats as animal models dealing with prevention disturbance kidney function in urolithiasis were investigated. Post-test only control group of true experimental design and complete random design were applied in this research. Wistar male rats (R. novergicus) of 12-week-old were used in the present study. These animal models were divided into six groups; negative control, positive control (treated with 0.75% ethylene glycol/EG and 2% ammonium chloride/AC, as much as 2 mL day-1 for 10 days) and four groups of preventive control (treated similarly as positive control and oral administration of 5, 10, 20 and 40% M. crenata leaves and stalks juices with dose of 1 mL 100 g-1 BW for 10 days. Several parameters correlated with urolithiasis including Blood Urea Nitrogen (BUN) and serum creatinine, urine craetinine and creatinine clearance (Ccr) was studied. The data obtained were analysed by one-way ANOVA, α = 0.05. Such results revealed that M. crenata leaves extract and stalks juice prevent kidney function disturbance in urolithiasisrats, which are indicated by decrease of BUN and increase of Ccr.


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