Journal of Mathematics and Statistics

The Rotation Effect on Shear Horizontal Surface Wave in a Piezoelectric Semi-Space Covered by a Semiconductor Film

Fatimah Alshaikh

DOI : 10.3844/jmssp.2017.98.105

Journal of Mathematics and Statistics

Volume 13, Issue 2

Pages 98-105


In this study, a mathematical model of the rotation effect on Shear Horizontally wave (SH-wave) propagation in a piezoelectric semi-space covered by a semiconductor film is investigated. The semiconducting layer is rotating with a constant angular velocity and the interface between the piezoelectric substrate and the semiconductor layer is imperfectly bonded. Furthermore, the surfaces of the bilayer system assumed free of traction and electrically shorted or open. The governing equations of the dynamical displacement and electrical potential function under the effect of rotation are driven by solving the coupled electromechanical field equations of the piezoelectric half-space and the semiconductor film. In addition, the exact frequency equations of SH waves are derived. Next, the numerical examples are considered to clarify the effects of rotation and electromagnetic boundary conditions for the different values of the film thickness and wave number on the dispersion behaviors. Finally, the effect of rotation on the frequency equation is investigated in detail for piezoelectric material PZT-5H and the semiconductor silicon. The obtained results provide a predictable and theoretical basis for applications of piezoelectric and semiconductor structures to surface acoustic wave equipments.


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