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Ultrastructural Organization of the Muscular System Body of the Trematode Schistogonimus Rarus

Irina Yurievna Chidunchi1
  • 1 Department of Biology and Ecology, Toraighyrov University, Kazakhstan


It is known that parasitic flatworms of the class Trematoda have a unique complex life cycle, and have morphological features of adaptation, movement, and existence in the host body. Functional peculiarities of the parasitic way of life are conditioned by the developed muscular system, due to which there is movement and attachment of the snail to various organs of the host. To date, one of the main tasks of parasitology is the study of tissues and organs of parasitic worms, which can expand our ideas about the biology of trematodes and allow us to take a new look at their structure and functions. The study of the functional morphology of the trematode muscle sac allows us to elucidate the peculiarities of trematode locomotion and attachment. This article deals with the structural organization of the muscular elements of the musculocutaneous sac of the trematode Schistogonimus Rarus. On the basis of ultrastructural studies, the functional mechanisms that ensure the movement and attachment of Schistogonimus Rarus trematodes to individual organs of the host have been revealed. In addition, data were obtained on the peculiarities of the structure of individual tissues, organs, and systems. As a result of the analysis of the obtained data, it was revealed that the ultrastructural features of the muscles of the skin-muscular sack of trematodes are formed on the basis of the modification capabilities of smooth muscle cells and tissues. The results of the work can be used as a basic material for further studies on the selection of anthelmintics acting on the muscular system of trematodes, which will lead to significant effectiveness of preventive measures.

OnLine Journal of Biological Sciences
Volume 24 No. 1, 2024, 103-109


Submitted On: 30 June 2023 Published On: 16 November 2023

How to Cite: Chidunchi, I. Y. (2024). Ultrastructural Organization of the Muscular System Body of the Trematode Schistogonimus Rarus. OnLine Journal of Biological Sciences, 24(1), 103-109.

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  • Ultrastructure
  • Skin-Muscular Sac
  • Muscular Fibers
  • Elements of Muscular Cells
  • Tegument
  • Basal Lamina