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Study of the Nutritional Value and Microstructure of Veal Cutlets with the Addition of Siberian Cedar Nut Seed Cake

Berik Idyryshev1, Almagul Nurgazezova1, Maksim Rebezov2, Samat Kassymov1, Kuralay Issayeva3, Assel Dautova1, Zhibek Atambayeva1, Rysgul Ashakayeva1 and Anuarbak Suychinov4
  • 1 Department of Food Production Technology and Biotechnology, Shakarim University of Semey, Kazakhstan
  • 2 Department of Research, V. M. Gorbatov Federal Research Center for Food Systems, Russia
  • 3 Department of Biotechnology, Toraighyrov University, Kazakhstan
  • 4 Department of Meat, Kazakh Research Institute of Processing and Food Industry, Kazakhstan


Thearticle presents the results of the study of the nutritional value of meatcutlets from veal with the addition of cedar nut cake. The chemical and mineralcomposition of the cake obtained from the seeds of Siberian cedar growing onthe territory of Eastern Kazakhstan has been determined. Four variants ofcutlets with the addition of 0, 5, 10, and 15% of cedar cake are developed. Theresults of the analysis show that increasing the amount of cedar oil cake inthe composition of meat semi-finished products increases the protein content(P<0.01) but at the same time the fat content in the experimental samplesdecreases (P<0.01) due to lower fat content in the veal meat. In terms offatty-acid composition, the cutlets are characterized by high PUFA content(48.08%), followed by MUFA (29.46%) and SFA (22.46%). The developed cutlets areenriched with magnesium (100.4 mg/100 g) and calcium (75.3 mg/100 g), and iron content is 2.78 mg/100 g. The analysis ofmicrostructure showed that cedar nut cake is evenly distributed among themuscle fibers in minced meat. The inclusion of cedar nut cake in the recipe forveal cutlets helps to improve the mineral, amino-acid, and fatty-acidcomposition and allows this product to be classified as a functional dietaryproduct.

OnLine Journal of Biological Sciences
Volume 22 No. 3, 2022, 375-387


Submitted On: 20 May 2022 Published On: 8 September 2022

How to Cite: Idyryshev, B., Nurgazezova, A., Rebezov, M., Kassymov, S., Issayeva, K., Dautova, A., Atambayeva, Z., Ashakayeva, R. & Suychinov, A. (2022). Study of the Nutritional Value and Microstructure of Veal Cutlets with the Addition of Siberian Cedar Nut Seed Cake. OnLine Journal of Biological Sciences, 22(3), 375-387.

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