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Entropyomics as the Blueprint of the Logic of Normal Cell Division and Malignancy

Kambiz Afrasiabi1
  • 1 University of California, United States


Problem statement: In this article I propose a blueprint based on one of the most fundamental laws governing the known universe, namely the second law of thermodynamics and I present support for its central role in initiation of mitosis and relationship of the other sub cellular compartments and their organization. Approach: Life is considered to be the most sophisticated antientropy machinery ever born on the face of the universe as far as its power to minimize the speed of rise in entropy is concerned, however we all get old, sick and die because it is not possible to stop the rise in entropy based on the nature of the known universe. Results: Lack of understanding of the scientific foundation of logic of the normal cell division has surrounded us by darkness and has made analysis of an ever increasing and explosive amount of information originating from whole genome sequencing, genomics, exonomics, proteomics and metabolomics more problematic. Clearly this understanding is the prerequisite for understanding of pathological states of cell division including malignancy. Conclusion/Recommendations: The main approach to this problem is calculation of the free energy of the master regulator proteins of the intracellular communication network of the cancer stem cell and its normal counterpart which in turn could get identified by the available mathematical models that could identify master regulator proteins of the intracellular communication network and deciphering the difference by spectrophotometry at a given wavelength of light and identification of higher absorbance in the malignant counterpart and designing epigenetic or homologous recombination mediated methodology using nanotechology as a delivery mechanism targeting transcription of mRNAs which would lead to protein products with a normal free energy for that cell lineage / higher free energy compared with its malignant counterpart and by doing so we could convert the cancer stem cell pool to a normal one , i.e.: achieve cure.

OnLine Journal of Biological Sciences
Volume 11 No. 1, 2011, 23-26


Submitted On: 15 June 2011 Published On: 6 July 2011

How to Cite: Afrasiabi, K. (2011). Entropyomics as the Blueprint of the Logic of Normal Cell Division and Malignancy. OnLine Journal of Biological Sciences, 11(1), 23-26.

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  • Stem cell
  • anti-entropy machinery
  • cell energetics
  • cell division
  • homologous recombination
  • transcribed RNA
  • microRNA
  • cancer therapeutics
  • master regulator
  • protein products
  • entropy and cancer
  • entropy