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Disjoint Sets in Graphs and its Application to Electrical Networks

Ford Lumban Gaol1
  • 1 , Afganistan
Journal of Mathematics and Statistics
Volume 7 No. 1, 2011, 73-77


Submitted On: 8 February 2011 Published On: 25 March 2011

How to Cite: Gaol, F. L. (2011). Disjoint Sets in Graphs and its Application to Electrical Networks. Journal of Mathematics and Statistics, 7(1), 73-77.


Problem statement: One of the well known problems in Telecommunication and Electrical Power System is how to put Electrical Sensor Unit (ESU) in some various selected locations in the system. Approach: This problem was modeled as the vertex covering problems in graphs. The graph modeling of this problem as the minimum vertex covering set problem. Results: The degree covering set of a graph for every vertex is covered by the set minimum cardinality. The minimu of a graph cardinality of a degree covering set of a graph G is the degree covering number γP(G). Conclusion: We show that Degree Covering Set (DCS) problem is NP-complete. In this study, we also give a linear algorithm to solve the DCS for trees. In addition, we investigate theoretical properties of γP (T) in trees T.

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  • Electrical Sensor Unit (ESU)
  • vertex covering
  • Degree Covering Set (DCS)
  • degree covering number
  • electrical networks
  • electrical power system
  • graph modeling