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Some Aspects of Modern Drones

Relly Victoria Virgil Petrescu1
  • 1 Bucharest Polytechnic University, Romania


Today drones have become so important that everyday life can no longer be conceived without them. The paper wishes to present some essential aspects regarding modern drones, their capabilities and their uses. Drones and minnies drones have penetrated deep into technology, industry, agriculture, the military and police area, security services, security and control, aerial surveillance, signaling, aerial filming, cartography, danger and fire signaling in a timely manner, surveillance missions, security, defense and attack. The major advantages of drones compared to conventional aircraft are the following: A much lower fuel consumption and a much lower polarization of the environment, sometimes the pole does not even exist the drones being electrically moved; much lower design, manufacturing, maintenance and operation prices. They do not require pilots, they are generally small and the manufacturing costs and materials are much reduced; in case of collisions they are very resistant, accidents with them being rare and without tragic consequences; they can operate various things without a pilot, without costs, without risks, with superior results to those of classic aviation. A simple way to reduce the consumption of raw materials needed by industries is the very economy of materials used in industries and the start must be made even with heavy industries and car manufacturers and primarily those in aviation and aerospace. With drones, the consumption of materials is extraordinary compared to the materials stored in old, classic, huge ships. Of course, large public aircraft are still needed for public passenger transport, which, no matter how redesigned, will still consume a lot of materials and energy, but for other daily air operations, drones will be able to successfully intervene in place of large and heavy ships. These areas will see huge savings in materials, not to mention the very low costs of people who will be replaced by robots, vending machines, cameras, low fuel consumption and the reduction and even elimination of massive pollution that was done by a massive use of large aircraft for any minor operations requiring flights. The drones come to usefully and efficiently complete large and important areas of flight, difficult and meticulous operations, the drones clearly having increased capabilities and much higher penetration.

Journal of Aircraft and Spacecraft Technology
Volume 5 No. 1, 2021, 21-40


Submitted On: 5 May 2021 Published On: 16 June 2021

How to Cite: Petrescu, R. V. V. (2021). Some Aspects of Modern Drones. Journal of Aircraft and Spacecraft Technology, 5(1), 21-40.

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