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Parameter Calibration of Soil in the Poyang Lake Region Based on Discrete Element Method

Baoyu Zhu1, Jun’an Liu1, Xiongfei Chen1, Jiajia Yu1, Muhua Liu1 and Qingsong Zhang2
  • 1 Jiangxi Agricultural University, China
  • 2 Huazhong Agricultural University, China


In order to obtain the soil parameters of Poyang Lake Region before direct seeding, the soil properties of Duchang County, Poyang County and Xinjian District recollected and the discrete element method model is established. The angle of repose of paddy soil is 53.00° tested by the lateral wall collapse method. Eleven parameters are used to establish EDEM simulation model with the Hertz-Mindlin and the Johnson-Kendall-Roberts (JKR) contact model. Based on the Plackett-Burman experiment, the Steepest ascent experiment and Box-Behnken experiment are carried out to study the factors affecting the angle of repose and the regression equation is established. Thus The optimal parameters are obtained with the deviation of 2.23%. Then the furrow width and depth are introduced to verify the soil model and the comprehensive error is 11.60%. Therefore, the soil model before direct seeding can be used to optimize the structure of mechanical direct seeding in Poyang lake region, so as to achieve the purpose of reducing resistance and increasing efficiency.

American Journal of Biochemistry and Biotechnology
Volume 16 No. 4, 2020, 538-548


Submitted On: 19 October 2020 Published On: 16 December 2020

How to Cite: Zhu, B., Liu, J., Chen, X., Yu, J., Liu, M. & Zhang, Q. (2020). Parameter Calibration of Soil in the Poyang Lake Region Based on Discrete Element Method. American Journal of Biochemistry and Biotechnology, 16(4), 538-548.

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  • Parameter Calibration
  • Angle of Repose
  • Soil
  • Direct Seeding
  • Poyang Lake Region
  • Discrete Element Method