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A Classified Protection Protocol for RFID-based Medical Systems

Xueping Ren1 and Ming Jiang1
  • 1 HangZhou Dianzi University, China


RFID technology has been used in many medical systems. The data transmitted in these medical systems is very important and sensitive. The security of these private data has a wide range of risks. Most existing protocols lack the idea of classified security protection for RFID-based medical systems. These protocols are difficult to apply directly. To address this problem, a reliable RFID based medical system classification protection protocol is proposed in this study without assuming that the channels between readers and server are safe. The protocol allows different participants to access the authorized tag data. The proposed protocol adopts timestamp, one-way hash function and mutual authentication procedure to provide security protection and good performance. Based on a formal analysis, GNY logic is used to verify the design correctness of the protocol. According to the analysis of attack model, the protocol can resist various attacks: Internal attack, replay attack, tracking attack, spoofing attack and DOS attack. Performance analysis indicates that the protocol has less communication overload, similar storage requirements and acceptable computation load compared with other related protocol.

American Journal of Biochemistry and Biotechnology
Volume 16 No. 3, 2020, 370-379


Submitted On: 28 June 2020 Published On: 5 August 2020

How to Cite: Ren, X. & Jiang, M. (2020). A Classified Protection Protocol for RFID-based Medical Systems. American Journal of Biochemistry and Biotechnology, 16(3), 370-379.

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  • RFID
  • Classified Protection Protocol
  • RFID-Based Medical Systems