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Comparison of Nonlinear Models for Dry Matter Yield of Brachiaria Hybrid cv Cayman in Drought Season by Bootstrapping

Danny Villegas Rivas1, Nora Valbuena Torres2, Manuel Milla Pino1, Zadith Garrido Campaña1, Martín Grados Vasquez3, Erick Delgado Bazan1, Cesar Osorio Carrera3, Ydalia Velasquez Casana3 and Wilfredo Ruiz Camacho1
  • 1 Universidad Nacional de Jaén, Peru
  • 2 Universidad Nacional Experimental de los Llanos Occidentales Ezequiel Zamora, Venezuela
  • 3 Universidad César Vallejo, Peru


The dynamics of biomass accumulation at different seasons of the year is of vital importance in the production of a forage species. In this study nonlinear models (logistic and gompertz) to describe growth dynamics of plants based on dry matter yield of Brachiaria hybrid Cayman at different interval between cuts in drought season were used. Results for logistic and gompertz model showed an excellent fit to the data set of accumulated dry matter with a R2 close to 1.0. In the dry season the best fitted model to estimate the cumulative dry matter yield was gompertz model. It is possible suggest logistic model use in drought conditions. The empirical distribution of the estimated intrinsic growth rate (K) was symmetric and leptokurtic for the logistic and gompertz model in the intervals (-0.0141; 0.2071 Kg MS ha-1) and -0.00086; 0.724986 Kg MS ha-1), respectively and the empirical distribution of the asymptotic accumulated dry matter yield (B) was asymmetric for the logistic and gompertz models in the intervals (4373; 16980 Kg MS ha-1) and (9840; 26654 Kg MS ha-1), respectively. The empirical distribution of these two parameters reflects the fact that the accumulated dry matter production of this grass is strongly related to the distribution of rainfall, especially in the tropical dry forest. The nitrogen fertilization, interval between cuts, intrinsic growth rate of B. hybrid Cayman as well as other factors affect this species development determine dry matter yield sustainability.

OnLine Journal of Biological Sciences
Volume 21 No. 1, 2021, 136-143


Submitted On: 16 October 2020 Published On: 15 March 2021

How to Cite: Rivas, D. V., Torres, N. V., Pino, M. M., Campaña, Z. G., Vasquez, M. G., Bazan, E. D., Carrera, C. O., Casana, Y. V. & Camacho, W. R. (2021). Comparison of Nonlinear Models for Dry Matter Yield of Brachiaria Hybrid cv Cayman in Drought Season by Bootstrapping. OnLine Journal of Biological Sciences, 21(1), 136-143.

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  • Pasture
  • Growth Curve
  • Entropy
  • Bootstrapping