OnLine Journal of Biological Sciences

Effect of Composted Animal Manure as Fertilizer on Productivity of Azolla Pinnata Grown in Earthen Ponds

Ristianto Utomo, Cuk Tri Noviandi, Nafiatul Umami and Adhitya Permadi

DOI : 10.3844/ojbsci.2019.232.236

OnLine Journal of Biological Sciences

Volume 19, Issue 4

Pages 232-236


Azolla pinnata contains a high nutritional value with a high protein content of 25%, so it can be used as an alternative to animal feed. The low production of Azolla is caused by the suboptimal use of fertilizers. This study aims were to determine the type of manure (composted manure from poultry, goats, and rabbit) which was the most optimal in producing Azolla. Azolla pinnata was planted at 50×50×10 cm (W×L×H) soil pools coated with plastic sheets. To maintain the acidity of the media, 10% (2 kg) of sludge fields was added to each pond. Water and animal waste compost (5 g/L) were added to each pond as a treatment. The treatments were: paddy mud (K0), paddy mud + poultry composts (K1), paddy mud + compost rabbit manure (K2) and paddy mud + compost goat manure (K3). Each treatment was repeated 5 times. Measurements made were pH of the media, area of cover, yield (g weight of dry matter) and crude protein content of Azolla. Harvesting was done every 14 days. The results showed that the Azolla dry matter production of K1, K2 and K3 treatments were greater (p<0.01) than K0 (20.80, 18.20, and 19.00 vs. 10.40 g/2,500 cm2; respectively). Among the compost treatments, the crude protein content of K1 and K2 were higher than K0 and K3 (25.34 and 26.25 vs. 13.11 and 22.96%, respectively; p<0.01). Fertilizing with rabbit or poultry compost was the best in improving Azolla production and crude protein content.


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