OnLine Journal of Biological Sciences

Characteristics of Feather Protein Concentrates Hydrolyzed Using Bacillus subtilis FNCC 0059

Muhammad Irfan Said, Effendi Abustam, Farida Nur Yuliati and Muhammad Zain Mide

DOI : 10.3844/ojbsci.2018.138.146

OnLine Journal of Biological Sciences

Volume 18, Issue 2

Pages 138-146


Fermentation technology is one technology that can be applied in the process of hydrolysis and decomposition of keratin protein in chicken feather waste. The fermentation technology can use microbial bacteria as a decomposer to improve the digestibility of the Feather Waste (FW). The purpose of this study was to evaluate the properties of chicken feather waste and Feather Protein Concentrate (FPC) fermented using Bacillus subtilis FNCC 0059. The properties of the feather-waste as control and FPC were studied specifically related to the dry matter protein digestibility properties performed in-vitro, water content, protein content, fat content, fiber content, NDF levels and amino acid profile. A total of 2 types of samples are compared the properties, namely FPC and FW. Bacterial isolates of Bacillus subtilis FNCC 0059 enriched with nutrient broth and propagated in a mixture of molasses and nutrient broth solution as a fermentation agent. The fermentation process was carried out for 4 weeks in the incubator at 35 °C. The data were processed statistically by using T-test to compare the properties of FW with FPC fermentation for 4 weeks. The results showed that the properties of In-vitro Protein Digestibility (IvPD), moisture content, fiber content, NDF significantly differed (p>0.05) between FW and FPC, while protein and fat content were not significantly different (p>0.05). The amino acid profile in both samples has similarities.


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