OnLine Journal of Biological Sciences

Psychological Adaptation and Rehabilitation Treatment of Women with Non-Cancerous Diseases of the Female Genital Sphere

Larisa Valerianovna Kochorova, Boris Lvovich Tsivyan, Nikolay Ivanovich Vishnyakov, Vadim Sergeevich Skripov and Sergey Yurevich Lomakov

DOI : 10.3844/ojbsci.2017.95.103

OnLine Journal of Biological Sciences

Volume 17, Issue 2

Pages 95-103


Treatment of non-cancerous gynecological oncomas is often accompanied by development of problems of psychological nature in patients. According to the data of previous studies, the anxiety-depressive syndrome is observed in 67% of patients. The important point is that a provoked anxiety-depressive syndrome leads to the development of psychosomatic pathology and the deterioration of the physical status of patients. In this regard, it seems extremely relevant to assess the problems of psychological adaptation of women and prospects for application of rehabilitation and health resort treatment methods to diseases of this group, which is conducted in the present study by means of opinion polls of patients and obstetrics and gynecology doctors. 4,502 patients receiving appropriate medication at various stages, 165 doctors working at women’s consultation clinics and 150 doctors working at inpatient facilities were surveyed in 2013 in total (representative samples). The obtained results were statistically processed. It was found that most women were worried about the need for surgical intervention (48.9%) and the feeling of uncertainty in "women's health" (25.0%) at the stage of outpatient treatment. About 30% feel anxious regarding the ambiguity of the disease prognosis due to lack of information. When responding to a question of the ways to overcome psychological discomfort, women spoke in favor of increasing the efficiency of interaction with medical staff (68.9%). Patients receiving treatment at inpatient facilities averaged their level of psychological comfort at 3.5 points. Opinion of the majority (85.8%) of obstetrics and gynecology doctors from women’s consultation clinics confirms the feasibility of the provision of psychotherapeutic aid to women with gynecological non-cancerous oncomas, but this work is complicated by inadequate public health literacy of patients in 70.2% of cases. Doctors of inpatient facilities (60.2%) pointed out that rehabilitation treatment, as well as (19.7%) after-treatment at a health resort stage should have been considered the most efficient in this area. The need for psychological adaptation, including within rehabilitation treatment and medical rehabilitation, assessed through the opinion polls at all stages of delivery of health care to patients with gynecological non-cancerous diseases, allowed to offer the efficient managerial solutions aimed at improving the arrangement of health care to patients of this group.


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