OnLine Journal of Biological Sciences

The Dependence of Photosynthetic Indices and the Yield of Spring Rape on Foliar Fertilization with Microfertilizers

Valentina A. Gulidova, Tatyana V. Zubkova, Vladimir A. Kravchenko and Olga A. Dubrovina

DOI : 10.3844/ojbsci.2017.404.407

OnLine Journal of Biological Sciences

Volume 17, Issue 4

Pages 404-407


Application of fertilizers is included today into the cultivation intensive technologies, as one of the basic components providing for high crop yield. Today, the minimal tillage is widely used, which significantly reduces the choice of fertilizer application method in comparison with classical fertilizers. Therefore, the competent use of the remaining methods of feeding field crops becomes very important. An innovative solution to this problem is the use of foliar fertilization in agrotechnologies. The use of microfertilizers in the form of foliar fertilizers makes it possible to provide plants with the necessary set of microelements during the formation of reproductive organs, leading to the enrichment of seeds of agricultural crops with microelements, which has a positive effect on the seed material. As a result of the researches lead by us it has been established that the application of new microfertilizers (Brassitrel and Bortrac) contributed to an increase in such biometric parameters of spring rape as the number of pods and runaways, the number of grains in a pod, which in turn increased the yield.


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