OnLine Journal of Biological Sciences

Impact of Drinking Water Treatment on Poultry Health and Performances: An Experimental Study

Cherifa Boumedous, Zouhir Djerrou and Youcef Hamdi Pacha

DOI : 10.3844/ojbsci.2017.1.6

OnLine Journal of Biological Sciences

Volume 17, Issue 1

Pages 1-6


The present study aimed to investigate the impact of water quality on broilers performance. Two flocks of 10 chicks each were separated and maintained in the same poultry barn in Hamma Bouziane (Constantine). The animals were given standard food in the same husbandry conditions. The first group was provided untreated well water; however, the second one was given water treated by sodium hypochlorite. The water was analyzed for physicochemical and bacteriological characteristics at days 0 and 42 in the two flocks. The growth of chicks was investigated each week until 42th day. The results obtained has revealed that water untreated was contaminated and does not meet the standards recommended by WHO, it led to a decrease in performance represented by a very significant decrease in weight from the 7th to the 42nd day. The study demonstrates the importance of drinking water treatment in the success of broiler breeding.


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