OnLine Journal of Biological Sciences

Herbal Compounds-An Alternative for Multi-Drug Resistant Vibrio Cholerae

Sabah Perveen and Hotam Singh Chaudhary

DOI : 10.3844/ojbsci.2015.227.235

OnLine Journal of Biological Sciences

Volume 15, Issue 4

Pages 227-235


Vibrio cholerae is a causative agent of cholerae, many people dies every year, especially in developing countries around the world. The outbreaks of cholera are responsible for approximately 120,000 deaths annually. Cholera is a self limiting illness; however antibiotics are used as a part of treatment regimen. But at present, the treatment against cholera has become very critical issue worldwide, because most of the strain developed multidrug resistance. Efflux pumps, spontaneous chromosomal mutation, conjugative plasmids, SXT elements and integrons are discussed as an antibiotics resistant mechanism. Now at present the demand is to find an alternative and promising strategy and development of novel therapeutics. The present chapter is mainly focus on the treatment, strategies and developing resistance against these antibiotics. Later section mainly focused on the utility of natural remedies against V. cholerae infection.


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