OnLine Journal of Biological Sciences

Novel Biomarkers in Determining Prostate Cancer Diagnosis and Prognosis

Zuzana Varchulova Novakova, Katarina Bevizova and Iveta Gasparova

DOI : 10.3844/ojbsci.2014.277.285

OnLine Journal of Biological Sciences

Volume 14, Issue 4

Pages 277-285


The clinical behavior and molecular pathology of prostate cancer is highly variable. Current “traditional” prognostic markers cannot reliably distinguish the potentially life-threatening cancer from indolent cancer. Identification of additional new predictors of cancer aggressiveness is therefore urgently required. This communication is aimed at a brief review of new biomarkers in prostate cancer diagnostics and prognostics. Pubmed systematic search was performed to collect both original and review articles addressing prostate cancer prognostic biomarkers using key words genetics, prostate cancer, biomarkers and prognosis. The development of molecular and immunohistochemical methods enabled the identification of potential biomarkers in relation to diagnosis and prognosis. Numerous promising markers and approaches have been identified. Some of these markers may be translated into clinical practice after verification in larger prospective trials in future and can help to determine diagnosis and prognosis of CaP more accurately.


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