Journal of Mathematics and Statistics

A Convergence Theorem for Bivariate Exponential Dispersion Models

Lila Ricci and Gabriela Boggio

DOI : 10.3844/jmssp.2019.176.184

Journal of Mathematics and Statistics

Volume 15, 2019

Pages 176-184


Multivariate exponential dispersion models (MEDMs) were defined in 2013 by Jørgensen and Martínez. A particular case of MEDM is the bivariate Gamma model; in this article we prove that, under certain conditions, this is a limit distribution for MEDM generated by bivariate regularly varying measures, extending a previous result given by the aforementioned authors for the univariate case. As necessary tools for proving the main result, we use bivariate regularly varying functions and bivariate regularly varying measures; we also state a bivariate version of Tauberian Karamata’s theorems and a particular Karamata representation of bivariate slowly varying functions.


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