Journal of Mathematics and Statistics

Numerical Investigation on Turbulent Forced Convection in Heating Channel Inserted with Discrete V-Shaped Baffles

Amnart Boonloi and Withada Jedsadaratanachai

DOI : 10.3844/jmssp.2016.43.58

Journal of Mathematics and Statistics

Volume 12, Issue 1

Pages 43-58


The numerical examinations on flow visualization, heat transfer characteristic and performance improvement in a square duct inserted with discrete V-shaped baffles (DVB) are reported. The DVB is designed to reduce the pressure loss when compared with the V-shaped baffle. The influences of the flow blockage ratios (b/H, BR = 0.05-0.20), V-tip directions (V-Downstream and V-Upstream) are investigated for Reynolds number, Re = 3000-20,000, with a single pitch ratio and flow attack angle of 1 and 30°, respectively. As the results, the DVB can generate the vortex flow and impinging flow through the test section that assists to develop the thermal efficiency. The augmentations on the heat transfer coefficient and pressure drop are around 2.5-5.75 and 4-22.5 times above the smooth duct, respectively. The best thermal efficiency in forms of thermal enhancement factor, TEF, around 2.32 is detected at Re = 3000, BR = 0.10 and V-Upstream.


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