Journal of Mathematics and Statistics

Convergence of Renormalization Group Transformations of Gibbs Random Field

Farida Kachapova and Ilias Kachapov

DOI : 10.3844/jmssp.2016.135.151

Journal of Mathematics and Statistics

Volume 12, Issue 3

Pages 135-151


Statistical mechanics describes interaction between particles of a physical system. Particle properties of the system can be modelled with a random field on a lattice and studied at different distance scales using renormalization group transformation. Here we consider a thermodynamic limit of a lattice model with weak interaction and we use semi-invariants to prove that random fields transformed by renormalization group converge in distribution to an independent field with Gaussian distribution as the distance scale infinitely increases; it is a generalization of the central limit theorem to weakly dependent fields on a lattice.


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