Journal of Mathematics and Statistics

Scheduling Algorithm to Optimize Jobs in Shop Floor

T. Hemamalini, A. N. Senthilvel and S. Somasundaram

DOI : 10.3844/jmssp.2010.416.420

Journal of Mathematics and Statistics

Volume 6, Issue 4

Pages 416-420


Problem statement: The ratio scheduling algorithm to solve the allocation of jobs in the shop floor was proposed. The problem was to find an optimal schedule so as to minimize the maximum completion time, the sum of distinct earliness and tardiness penalties from a given common due date d. Approach: The objective of the proposed algorithm was to reduce the early penalty and the late penalty and to increase the overall profit of the organization. The proposed method was discussed with different possible instances. Results: The test results showed that the algorithm was robust and simple and can be applied for any job size problem. Conclusion: The proposed algorithm gave encouraging result for the bench mark instances when the due date is less than half of the total processing time.


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