Journal of Mathematics and Statistics

Numerical Solution of Linear Integro-Differential Equations

Husein Jaradat, Omar Alsayyed and S. Al-Shara

DOI : 10.3844/jmssp.2008.250.254

Journal of Mathematics and Statistics

Volume 4, Issue 4

Pages 250-254


Problem Statement: Integro-differential equations find special applicability within scientific and mathematical disciplines. In this study, an analytical scheme for solving Integrodifferential equations was presented. Approach: We employed the Homotopy Analysis Method (HAM) to solve linear Fredholm integro-differential equations. Results: Error analysis and illustrative examples were included to demonstrate the validity and applicability of the technique. MATLAB 7 was used to carry out the computations. Conclusion/Recommendations: From now we can use HAM as a novel solver for linear Integro-differential equations.


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