Journal of Mathematics and Statistics

Numerical Ultimate Ruin Probabilities under Interest Force

Juma Kasozi and Jostein Paulsen

DOI : 10.3844/jmssp.2005.246.251

Journal of Mathematics and Statistics

Volume 1, Issue 3

Pages 246-251


This work addresses the issue of ruin of an insurer whose portfolio is exposed to insurance risk arising from the classical surplus process. Availability of a positive interest rate in the financial world forces the insurer to invest into a risk free asset. We derive a linear Volterra integral equation of the second kind and apply an order four Block-by-block method in conjuction with the Simpson rule to solve the Volterra equation for ultimate ruin. This probability is arrived at by taking a linear combination of some two solutions to the Volterra integral equation. The several numerical examples given show that our results are excellent and reliable.


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