Journal of Computer Science

Modeling Projects in E-Learning Course: A Case of an Information Technology Project

Mohammed Ghaouth Belkasmi, Toumi Bouchentouf, Mostafa Azizi and Abdelhamid Benazzi

DOI : 10.3844/jcssp.2010.823.829

Journal of Computer Science

Volume 6, Issue 7

Pages 823-829


Problem statement: Achieving projects is primordial in the process of teaching in several disciplines, particularly software engineering courses. However, proposing this learning activity in a context of e-learning is not automatically guaranteed by the current platforms, even unsupported by the existing standards for creating educational content. Approach: Through this study, starting from the model developed in the “XESOP-Jaxe” project to represent the contents of an e-learning course, we tried to propose an improvement in order to formalize a project for learners as a learning object. Results: We grafted our model, formalized in XML Schema, to the “XESOP-Jaxe” schema of the course. Thus, to the elements that could constitute a course, comes a new element called “projet” (project). Conclusion: This model was built and tested within the “XESOP-Jaxe” platform whose goal is to provide an effective solution for creating educational content in compliance with existing standards.


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