Journal of Computer Science

Single Stuck-At Fault Diagnosing Circuit of Reed-Muller Canonical Exclusive-Or Sum of Product Boolean Expressions

P. N. Neelakantan and A. E. Jeyakumar

DOI : 10.3844/jcssp.2006.595.599

Journal of Computer Science

Volume 2, Issue 7

Pages 595-599


A testable design with a universal test set for single stuck-at zero and stuck-at one faults of Reed-Muller canonical form of Exclusive-OR sum of product logic expressions is proposed. The test circuit detects almost all the single stuck-at faults and needs only simple modifications for variations in the circuit under test. The number of test vectors is also quite small compared with the classical method. The factor of un-identifiability is discussed and a new quantification parameter for the fault diagnosis has also been introduced. Results of Matlab simulations for a few logic functions are included.


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