American Journal of Immunology

Transforming Growth Factor-β: An Indirect Inducer of Th17 Cell Differentiation both in Human and Murine System

J. Schumann

DOI : 10.3844/ajisp.2010.20.24

American Journal of Immunology

Volume 6, Issue 2

Pages 20-24


Since their first description only some years ago Th17 cells have become of vital importance in immunological research. However, the role of TGF-β in Th17 cell development is still a matter of controversial discussion. Predicted to have a key function in Th17 cell differentiation in the mouse TGF-β was shown to inhibit IL-17 production of human CD4+ T cells. Moreover, recent data indicate TGF-β signaling in T cells to be dispensable for Th17 cell differentiation in the murine system. Hence, rather being a specie-specific factor TGF-β is likely to act as an indirect inducer of Th17 cell differentiation both in mice and men.


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