American Journal of Applied Sciences

Classification of Breast Tumor in Mammogram Images Using Unsupervised Feature Learning

Aidarus M. Ibrahim, Baharum Baharudin, Abas Md Said and P. N. Hashimah

DOI : 10.3844/ajassp.2016.552.561

American Journal of Applied Sciences

Volume 13, Issue 5

Pages 552-561


In this study, we propose a learning-based approach using feature learning to minimize the manual effort required to extract features. Firstly, we extracted features from equally spaced sub-patches covering the input Region of Interest (ROI). The dimensionality of the extracted features is reduced using max-pooling. Furthermore, spherical k-means clustering coupled with max pooling (k-means-max pooling) is compared with well-known feature extraction method namely Bag-of-features. The resulting feature vector is fed to two different classifiers: K-Nearest Neighbor (K-NN) and Support Vector Machine (SVM). The performance of these classifiers is evaluated to use of Receiver Operating Characteristics (ROC). Our results show that k-means-max pooling, combined with K-NN, achieved good performance with an average classification accuracy of 98.19%, sensitivity of 97.09% and specificity of 99.35%.


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