American Journal of Applied Sciences


Vijayakumar G. Dhas and V. Rhymend Uthariaraj

DOI : 10.3844/ajassp.2014.811.817

American Journal of Applied Sciences

Volume 11, Issue 5

Pages 811-817


The continuing growth of the World-Wide Web is placing increasing demands on popular Web servers. Many of the sites are now using distributed Web servers (i.e., groups of machines) to service the increasing number of client requests, as a single server cannot handle the workload. Incoming client requests must be distributed in some fashion among the machines in the distributed Web server to improve the performance. In the existing work, reducing the high message complexity is a challenge. This study introduces a novel algorithm, which has low message complexity named Load Distribution by dynamically Fixing input to the server using Mobile agent (LDFM) which distributes the incoming request, as it arrives from the client world, to avoid overloading of the distributed web servers. LDFM uses prefetch techniques to balance the load among the distributed web servers. Mobile agents are susceptible to failure. This issue is also addressed to bring reliability to the algorithm. The simulation results confirm that the proposed method is reliable. The relative improvement in throughput, comparing with the exiting methods is appreciable.


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