American Journal of Applied Sciences

A Metadata Based Storage Model for Securing Data in Cloud Environment

S. Subashini and V. Kavitha

DOI : 10.3844/ajassp.2012.1407.1414

American Journal of Applied Sciences

Volume 9, Issue 9

Pages 1407-1414


Problem statement: Enterprises are migrating to the cloud environment at a faster pace. Security of information that is being processed by the applications and ultimately getting stored in the data centers are of big concerns of this newly evolving environment. The security of the data is a concern not only during transferring of data through the wires but also during its storage phase where data stays most of the time. Approach: In order to keep the data secure during its storage phase, a preventive, robust security model is required. Instead of developing a robust security module to prevent hackers from intruding into data centers, a model which will prevent intruders from getting the required information even at the event of intrusion, will be of utmost use. Conventional security models secure data by encryption or by fragmentation. A security model developed using a fragmentation technique that is based on the sensitivity, criticality and value of the data provides better security by means of disintegration of value of the data and also a good technique for prevention of information leaks. The proposed method also provides solutions to access the fragmented data. Results: The proposed model provides a efficient security solution for data stored in cloud. When compared to conventional methods, the speed of data queries are less for small databases, but prove to be very efficient for huge databases. Conclusion: This model provides an efficient solution for data storage security in cloud environment. This technique coupled with standard encryption techniques will make this model more robust.


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