American Journal of Applied Sciences

Design of a Current Sensor for IDDQ Testing of CMOS IC

Mohd Liakot Ali and Nurul Huda Khamis

DOI : 10.3844/ajassp.2005.682.687

American Journal of Applied Sciences

Volume 2, Issue 3

Pages 682-687


This study presents the design of an off-chip current sensor for IDDQ testing of CMOS (Complementary Metal-oxide Semiconductor) ICs (integrated circuit). It provides a linear voltage signal of IDDQ current with a conversion factor of 5 mV/?A without any amplification. A voltage-controlled switch is used to bypass the transient current peaks. It has also been shown that the sensor is capable of detecting IDDQ faults of a circuit at 100 kHz test frequency without degrading its performance.


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