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A Review of Technological Progression from Radiomics to Breathomics for Early Detection of Lung Cancer

Funmilayo S. Moninuola1, Oluwadamilola Oshin1, Emmanuel Adetiba1, Anthony A. Atayero1, Ademola Adeyeye2, Victoria Oguntosin1, Olushola O. James3, Anthony A. Adegoke4, Obiseye O. Obiyemi5, Surendra Thakur6 and Abdultaofeek Abayomi7
  • 1 Covenant University, Nigeria
  • 2 Afe Babalola University, Nigeria
  • 3 Kwara State University, Nigeria
  • 4 University of Uyo, Nigeria
  • 5 Osun State University, Nigeria
  • 6 Durban University of Technology, South Africa
  • 7 Mangosuthu University of Technology, South Africa


Lung Cancer (LC) is formed by an uncontrolled growth of abnormal cells in the lungs, which alters the body's metabolism. Early detection of LC is very important for a better survival rate and prognosis in patients and persons at risk of the disease. Traditional approaches to LC detection are less sensitive to cancerous cells at the early stage, are invasive and consume a lot of resources in terms of time and cost. Exhaled breath is a good source of Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) biomarkers originating from the airways and tissues. Breath analysis is an ideal approach for the detection of metabolites relating to cancer cells in the lungs. The electronic nose (E-nose) approach for LC detection is apt for detecting VOC biomarkers found in the bronchi. E-nose is non-invasive, inexpensive and easy to use. This review discusses the progression of LC diagnosis from radiomics to breathomics (E-nose). Studies on the potential use of E-nose as an easy and non-invasive tool to analyze VOCs in the exhaled breath of lung cancer patients to characterize suspected lung nodules are also presented. Furthermore, the current gaps in respect of the application of E-nose for early detection of LC are unearthed.

Journal of Computer Science
Volume 17 No. 11, 2021, 1071-1084


Submitted On: 3 May 2021 Published On: 26 November 2021

How to Cite: Moninuola, F. S., Oshin, O., Adetiba, E., Atayero, A. A., Adeyeye, A., Oguntosin, V., James, O. O., Adegoke, A. A., Obiyemi, O. O., Thakur, S. & Abayomi, A. (2021). A Review of Technological Progression from Radiomics to Breathomics for Early Detection of Lung Cancer. Journal of Computer Science, 17(11), 1071-1084.

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  • Lung Cancer
  • Early Detection
  • Radiomics
  • Breathomics
  • Electronic Nose