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IoT Framework for Smart Irrigation using Machine Learning Technique

S. Ramya1, A.M. Swetha1 and Manivannan Doraipandian1
  • 1 SASTRA Deemed University, India


The scarcity of freshwater around the world is becoming a serious issue, so there is a dire need to come up with a solution for effective utilization of water resources. Basically, agriculture depends on monsoon which is not a sufficient water source. The Internet of Things (IoT) and Machine Learning (ML) based smart irrigation system is employed in the field of agriculture to overcome the problem of water resource management. In this work, a smart irrigation system is proposed to predict the irrigation requirement of the field using several environmental parameters along with weather forecasting that assists the growth of the crop. This system proposes the idea of training the ensemble method in ML using the collected real-time data to make an optimized decision. This prediction model helps in reducing the traditional irrigation methods, thereby conserving water, labor and plant nutrients. This system provides a low-cost prototype model with advanced technological features with a fully functional system and the observed results are optimal with 90% accuracy.

Journal of Computer Science
Volume 16 No. 3, 2020, 355-363


Submitted On: 7 July 2019 Published On: 26 March 2020

How to Cite: Ramya, S., Swetha, A. & Doraipandian, M. (2020). IoT Framework for Smart Irrigation using Machine Learning Technique. Journal of Computer Science, 16(3), 355-363.

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  • Ensemble
  • Evapotranspiration
  • Irrigation Management