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Consensus Decision Making on Scale-Free Buyer Networks

Sunantha Sodsee, Maytiyanin Komkhao and Phayung Meesad


Problem statement: Due to a behavior of buyers effects to a growth of marketing, then a group of agreement of buyers and buyers’ behavior on eventually placing orders are investigating. Approach: In this study, a discrete-time consensus protocol for a scale-free buyer networks is proposed. Herein, an initial purchase intention of each buyer is defined to be active or non-active and an impulse signal is used to activate a purchase intention as an advertisement. Results: To investigate a global decision making in the buyer networks, the number of active buyers after activating was considered. Finally, the numerical simulations were conducted to visualize the effectiveness of the proposed protocol. The results showed that buyers change their intentions based on activation of advertisement that also effect to the group decision making of network. Conclusion: The active buyers still be active if the current number of active buyers (φ(x)) is more than or equal to the defined value of their thi. On the other hand, the non-active buyers still be non-active if the current number of non-active buyers n-φ(x)) is more than or equal to the defined value of their thi. Otherwise, their states are altered.

Journal of Computer Science
Volume 7 No. 10, 2011, 1554-1559


Submitted On: 2 March 2011 Published On: 8 August 2011

How to Cite: Sodsee, S., Komkhao, M. & Meesad, P. (2011). Consensus Decision Making on Scale-Free Buyer Networks. Journal of Computer Science, 7(10), 1554-1559.

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  • Decision making
  • consensus protocol
  • scale-free networks
  • advertisement
  • numerical simulations
  • buyer networks
  • swarm intelligence
  • heterogeneous structure
  • world networks
  • rendezvous problems