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Study of Tool Wear Properties Using Magnetorheological Fluid Damper

Vikram G Kamble1 and Vijaykumar Revadi1
  • 1 St Joseph Engineering College, India


Tool wear is one of the important phenomenon in the machining processes. In this article we are explaining the effects of magnetorheological fluids in tool wear process. In our investigation we used the Al alloy (Al 6061) as our test specimen, which has wide range of applications in aerospace industry. We attached our magnetorheological set up to the tool holder to conduct experiments. We conducted different machining processes with and without our magnetorheological fluid setup, after observing the results it was found that the presence of magnetorheological fluid setup during machining processes minimises the tool wear and cutting forces.

Current Research in Nanotechnology
Volume 6 No. 1, 2015, 1-6


Submitted On: 22 December 2014 Published On: 25 June 2015

How to Cite: Kamble, V. G. & Revadi, V. (2015). Study of Tool Wear Properties Using Magnetorheological Fluid Damper. Current Research in Nanotechnology, 6(1), 1-6.

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  • MR Fluid
  • Damper
  • Tool Wear
  • Cutting Force
  • Surface Roughness
  • Vibration Amplitude