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An Integrative Approach to the Study of Individuality of Subjects of Educational Activity in the Ontogeny from the Positions of Sex and Gender

Lubov Vladimirovna Mishchenko1
  • 1 Institute of Human Nature Studies, Pyatigorsk State Linguistic University, Pyatigorsk, Russia


Scientists are trying to study the peculiarities of men and women by adding biological and social components of the human, however since gender is not the natural givenness, but a social construct assuming self-awareness and self-determination, the connections between these components will be refracted through a variety of conditions. The purpose of the article is an integrative study of non-linear relationship of biological and social characteristics of socialization and individualization in development of students of different sexes at different periods of their development based on psychological research. The nature of non-linear relationships was investigated in our study, using discriminant, correlation and factor analyses. The linear relationships were studied using Student's t-test for the control comparison. We have created models of sex and gender structure of integrated individuality of the taught boys and girls from preschool age to adolescence and conducted their comparative analysis. The psychological development programs have been developed that change the personality structure, increasing the number of flexible non-linear interdependencies of the biological and the social. Based on the research, we found that individuality of students with low level of development is characterized mainly by a high degree of genetic determination of the set of natural properties and a high role of objective conditions. High level of individuality development is characterized by non-linearity of interdependent biological and social properties and students of different sexes have their own specifics at different periods of their development. The essence of the author's approach to the training and education of the students is that the study of variable, multi-level non-linear relationships of the individuality’s properties determines the specificity of social and biological potentiality of boys’ and girls’ development and opens great opportunities for the creation of optimum adaptation conditions of students in the educational environment and effective modalities for the training and education of students of different sexes.

American Journal of Applied Sciences
Volume 13 No. 5, 2016, 674-685


Submitted On: 5 February 2016 Published On: 27 May 2016

How to Cite: Mishchenko, L. V. (2016). An Integrative Approach to the Study of Individuality of Subjects of Educational Activity in the Ontogeny from the Positions of Sex and Gender. American Journal of Applied Sciences, 13(5), 674-685.

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  • Integrative Psychology
  • The Theory of Integrated Individuality
  • Psychology of Sexual Distinctions
  • Gender Psychology
  • Adaptive-Compensatory-Synergetic Tendency of Development
  • Subjects of Educational Activity
  • Convergence and Divergence Law
  • Ontogeny