Physics International

Implementation of an Improved Data Encryption Algorithm in a Web Based Learning System

Adeolu Olabode Afolabi and Rotimi Adagunodo

DOI : 10.3844/pisp.2011.31.35

Physics International

Volume 2, Issue 1

Pages 31-35


Problem statement: This study proffered solution to some identified data insecurity problems in software development by the use of Web-based learning system as a test bed and development of an hybrid crypto-biometric security system. Approach: A variant of data encryption algorithm tagged (XOR-RSA algorithm) is developed in order to encrypt the messages being sent between the learner and the facilitator. Results: A comparative analysis of performance of this algorithm was carried out using cryptographic algorithm metrics in order to establish its stronger performance above the existing algorithms. The result shows that the improved algorithm (XOR-RSA) performed better than prominent data encryption algorithms in the likes of RSA, SKIPJACK, DES1 and 3DES. Conclusion/Recommendations: This was eventually implemented in a web based learning system. The work provides a prototype for the development of secured Web-based learning infrastructure and its contextual framework, which foster indigenization of electronic learning technology which will adequately address the related challenges in the phenomenon of system security in terms of confidentiality and integrity of the system.


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