Journal of Computer Science

Important Factors in Information Technology Governance Awareness: An Empirical Survey of the Expert’s Opinion in Indonesia

Bobby AA Nazief, Uky Yudatama and Achmad Nizar Hidayanto

DOI : 10.3844/jcssp.2019.1065.1073

Journal of Computer Science

Volume 15, Issue 8

Pages 1065-1073


Information Technology Governance (IT Governance) implementation does not always experience success in an organization. This article has provided data by conducting a survey to experts, in this case, the IT Governance Expert in Indonesia to be asked for their opinions regarding the successful implementation of IT Governance in supporting the organization’s routine activities. This research report is presented precisely and concisely by displaying tables and pie diagrams so that it is easy to understand. Responses obtained from IT Governance Expert perceptions, that awareness is an important factor that can determine success in the implementation of IT Governance. We found as many as 15 factors in IT Governance awareness. In addition, a very significant part of the result findings of this research is awareness to understanding IT Governance well, awareness in involving stakeholders and awareness in changing organizational culture. Therefore, it needs to have serious attention from all parties involved so that later organizational performance can be increased in the future in accordance with expectations.


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