Journal of Computer Science

An ADD-Oriented Software Architecture for Structuring Information to Open Government Data

Andreiwid Sheffer Correa, P. L.P. Correa, F. S.C. Silva and T. Carvalho

DOI : 10.3844/jcssp.2018.673.679

Journal of Computer Science

Volume 14, Issue 5

Pages 673-679


The huge number of heterogeneous and not standardized websites where public records are disclosed is an evidence of how unprepa¬red governments are about Open Government Data movement. This scenario is seen all over the world, especially in organizations which open data prin¬ciples are new e.g. local governments. Thus, not effective law enforcement and the lack of openness result in a waste of resources applied to useless publication of documents, ma¬king it hard to achieve the benefits of open data. Looking for a way to help government at this hardworking task, this paper proposes a software architecture for structuring information into open data from distributed repositories placed at local governments websites. This work follows Attribute-Driven Design (ADD) methodology, where the requirement analysis for proposed ar¬chitecture has been conducted based on availability problems occurred in 561 websites from Brazilian cities. The main contribution of this paper is the proposition of an architecture whose dissemination and instantiation will allow society to focus efforts on more important tasks e.g. review data consistency, making it possible in a near future to automatize the structuring process in a way that data can be used for any purpose.


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