Journal of Computer Science

Model for Automated and Improved Utilization of Existing Computer Resources on an Example of Web Servers

Dino Alagić and Ivan Magdalenić

DOI : 10.3844/jcssp.2018.286.303

Journal of Computer Science

Volume 14, Issue 2

Pages 286-303


Information technology is under constant innovation pressure to provide the highest level of data availability – i.e., the continuous functioning of operating systems. This is the very reason for an accelerated development of complex systems encompassed by the term cloud computing. Among other things, such solutions are aimed to ensure high-level availability of complex systems and architecture. Numerous studies indicate that the main cause of high cost of data centers are procurement and maintenance costs of servers. Furthermore, this paper presents concrete practice examples which confirm that there are systems whose resources are not sufficiently exploited, but still have to be provided due to their importance. The high costs and inadequate utilization of the existing computer resources constitute the main motivation for the present research. In this study, we present a new model for automated and improved utilization of the existing computing resources. The model is verified by using an application for automated management of computer resources that was developed for this research and by several tests conducted on Web clusters.


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