Journal of Computer Science

Fuzzy Logic Decision Support System for Hypovigilance Detection based on CNN Feature Extractor and WN Classifier

Ines Teyeb, Ahmed Snoun, Olfa Jemai and Mourad Zaied

DOI : 10.3844/jcssp.2018.1546.1564

Journal of Computer Science

Volume 14, Issue 11

Pages 1546-1564


Fatigue and drowsiness are among the main causes of traffic accidents, just behind excessive speed and alcoholism. This paper deals with the problem of road safety. It attempts to present a driver vigilance monitoring system based on a video approach. This work aims at creating an assistive driving application employing eyes closure duration and head posture estimation as performant signs for alertness control. The proposed system can be summarized in three main steps: Eyes' detection and tracking in a video, eyes' state classification and fusion of both sub-systems based on eyes' blinking and head position. To accomplish the previous tasks, we used the Viola and Jones algorithm for interest area detection thanks to its efficiency in real time applications. For the classification step, we used two novel architectures of transfer learning classifier based on fast wavelet transform and separator wavelet networks, which presents our main contribution of this paper. This novel architecture proves its performance compared to the classic version of the transfer learning based on SVM classifier and to our old classifier based only on fast wavelet networks without a deep learning structure. Different datasets with different classifiers are used to evaluate our new approach. Our second contribution is illustrated by the final system which uses the fuzzy logic and provides five different vigilance levels. Global rates given by experimental results show the effectiveness of our proposed classification system for eyes' state recognition and driver drowsiness detection.


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