Journal of Computer Science

An Ontological Crawling Approach for Improving Information Aggregation over eGovernment Websites

Heru Agus Santoso, Junta Zeniarja, Ardytha Luthfiarta and Bima Jati Wijaya

DOI : 10.3844/jcssp.2016.455.463

Journal of Computer Science

Volume 12, Issue 9

Pages 455-463


E-Government applications in developing countries are still lagging behind e-Governments in advanced countries. For example, the use of information integration for Web portal content is still very limited. This paper proposes an automated approach for information aggregation over   e-Government portals using ontological approach. The study uses data obtained from 10 local government Websites in the Central Java province-Indonesia. The data in the form of HTML Web document text, meta-data, hyperlinks and other rich-contents are effectively crawled. This paper focuses on the development of a crawler, which consists of two main modules, i.e., multi-tread downloader and scheduler. The use of ontology in the focused crawler producesamore effective result as compared to the Breadth First Search (BFS) approach as it reaches 37% of effectiveness in terms of the number of relevant documents downloaded.


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