Journal of Computer Science

Instructional Methods to Computer Science Education as Investigated by Computer Science Teachers

Andreas Zendler and Dieter Klaudt

DOI : 10.3844/jcssp.2015.915.927

Journal of Computer Science

Volume 11, Issue 8

Pages 915-927


Answers to the questions of which instructional methods are suitable for school, what instructional methods should be applied in teaching individual subjects and how instructional methods support the act of learning represent challenges to general education and education in individual subjects. This article focuses on computer science teachers´ examination of instructional methods supporting knowledge processes in the act of learning. A survey was conducted in which computer science teachers evaluated 20 instructional methods in regard to the following knowledge processes: Build, process, apply, transfer, assess and integrate. The results of the study show that certain instructional methods are especially predestined for computer science education: Problem-based learning, learning tasks, discovery learning, computer simulation, project work and direct instruction.


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