Journal of Computer Science

Enhancing Digital Images Through Cuckoo Search Algorithm in Combination with Morphological Operation

K. Ratna Babu and K. V.N. Sunitha

DOI : 10.3844/jcssp.2015.7.17

Journal of Computer Science

Volume 11, Issue 1

Pages 7-17


This study presents an image enhancement approach to Cuckoo Search Algorithmin with Morphological Operation. At the present time, in many image processing applications digital images are developed. Machine vision, computer interfaces, manufacturing, compression for storage and more are some of the fields of image processing application. Before using it in any applications the image has to be managed, such processing is said to be image enhancement. We propose a method to combine with an enhancing digital images through cuckoo search algorithmin and morphological operation. Therefore, the appearance of noise produces distortion in an image and thus the image will be unattractive. This decreases the discernibility of many features inside the images. In this study, we are working to overcome this drawback by getting an improved contrast value after converting the color image into grayscale image. The fundamental characteristic of this CS algorithm is that the amplitudes of its components can objectively reflect the contribution of the gray levels to the representation of image information for the best contrast value of an image. After selecting the best contrast value of an image in CS algorithm, morphological operations have to be done. In morphological operations, the intensity parameters of the image are adjusted to improve its quality. Experimental results demonstrate that the proposed approach is converted into original color image without noise and adaptive process to enhance the quality of images.


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