Journal of Computer Science

An Innovative Approach for Person Identification by Detection and Extraction of Optic Disc from Retina and Concha from Ear

C. Malathy, A. K. Sadiq and K. Annapurani

DOI : 10.3844/jcssp.2015.153.165

Journal of Computer Science

Volume 11, Issue 1

Pages 153-165


Person identification based on unimodal biometric system suffers from noise, intra class similarity, non universality, distinctiveness and spoof attacks. To alleviate the problem faced in unimodal biometric system biometric traits are combined in multimodal biometric system. In this study a new approach, to improve the recognition rate, reduces computational complexity and storage space is presented. Distinct method of person identification using detection and extraction of optic disc from retina and concha from ear is carried out Region Of Interest (ROI) locator which is proposed here automatically detects the optic disc either from right or left eye and extracts it. Feature level fusion of optic disc and concha is done for recognition of a person. The method is tested with ROI locator and without ROI locator on publicly available databases and the experimental result shows that our multimodal biometric system outperforms with ROI locator than Without ROI locator. Matching Rate (MR) of 95 to 100% and Equal Error Rate (EER) of less than 10% is achieved with this system. The new approach was tested for unimodal system with ROI locator and was able to achieve 100% Matching Rate.


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